what to expect

  • You'll be greeted at the door.

  • You will see an information center where you will be given a guest packet full of information about the church and what we have to offer.

  • You will be shown where the restrooms as well as the "His Kidz" check-in for those with children.

  • Services start with a time of praise and worship. You can stay at your seat or walk up to the front of the sanctuary and worship at the altar.

  • There will be slide announcements, as well as verbal announcements about the different events happening at the church.

  • We'll then go into a time of giving. On your seat you'll find an envelope that you can place your offering in. If you don't have an envelope, an usher will be close by to give you one.

  • After the offering is the message, followed by the opportunity to give your heart to Jesus. Everyone will bow their heads and close their eyes and whoever would like to accept Jesus as their savior will raise their hand.

  • If you raise your hand, you will be invited to walk forward and be greeted by the "Salvation Team". They will explain what it means to be saved and you'll be given a bible and reading material.

  • Service will come to a close and you'll return to the foyer where you can mingle with people until you decide to leave.

what should i wear?

Here at His Tabernacle Family Church, we focus more on the inward appearance of your heart than we do on your outward appearance. If you want to dress up for church, then dress up! If you want to dress more casual for church, then dress casual! We are a church that doesn't allow gossip, so you will be accepted just as you are.

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